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‘Any field recording, replayed, begins to dream…’

A new release on the Green Field Recordings label for streaming and free download…gfr098

Radio works for voice and sound:

‘Löngun’ – place, memory, identity;
‘Chanson Tzara’ – Lee Harwood recalls a meeting with, and the poetry of, Dada founder Tristan Tzara.

‘concentric_eccentric’ netlabel release: free download from Impulsive Habitat:

“…’concentric_eccentric’…beautifully brings together various field recordings and presents them in…a very musical setting” David Nemeth (Acts of Silence) 
“…pure Musique Concrete, and a treat…the vivacious sense of exploration never lets up…A flair for dramatic timing and gesture…”  Andy Graydon (Tokafi)  [Full reviews here and here]

¡headphones and/or hi fi essential!

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