Chanson Tzara

In the early 60’s the poet Lee Harwood heard for the first time, in a London cafe, a poem by Tristan Tzara, co-founder of Dada.
An “immediate convert” to Dada, Lee tracked down a few of Tzara’s then difficult to find poems and translated them; he eventually also tracked down Tzara himself and met him in Paris, sadly not long before Tzara died – 50 years ago this year. ‘Chanson Tzara’ is a sound work created around that encounter.
Text, translations and narration: Lee Harwood
Sound and realisation: Alexander Baker
Parisian cafe sounds courtesy Florence Artur ( at the ‘freesound’ site (
‘Chanson Dada’ Selected Poems of Tristan Tzara, translated by Lee Harwood (with introduction and essay)
‘Collected Poems’ & ‘Selected Poems’ of Lee Harwood
“Lee Harwood is one of Britain’s best poets and best-kept secrets.” John Ashbery