Alexander Baker

‘Whale cures on the thorn tree’

“Scant information accompanies this 27 minute work from field recordist Alexander Baker, but a quote sourced from the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector stands out: “The gale calls me. I follow it and tear myself to pieces”. The phrase captures something of the existential dislocation on Whale Cures On The Thorn Tree, a three-part piece weaving together nature recordings, found sounds and broken instruments into a vivid but disquieting whole. Dogs bark, a snout feasts noisily at a trough. But before long, Baker shows his hand as an expert processor. Choral vocals melt like Dali’s clocks, long bass notes ring through the murk, and simulated growls give the sense of sheltering, scared, in some beast’s lair”                       
Louis Pattison (Wire)


“…pure Musique Concrete, and a treat…the vivacious sense of exploration never lets up…A flair for dramatic timing and gesture…we are following a keen consciousness roving close and tight over the surfaces of a rapidly expanding world” 
Andy Graydon (Tokafi)
“…’concentric_eccentric’…beautifully brings together various field recordings and presents them in…a very musical setting…subtleties work their way out and present themselves as small delicious nuggets of sound”
David Nemeth (Acts of Silence) 

My works have been transmitted on independent radio stations, programmes and events including –

Framework Radio
Resonance FM, London
Radiophrenia, Glasgow
Radio Corax, Halle
Saout Radio, Morocco
Basic FM, Tyneside
Datscha Radio, Berlin
radioCona, Ljubljana
Radio Village Nomade, La Corbière…

and played at events, festivals and in galleries,  published in online journals and archives including –

Listen Hear, London
Sonic Vigil 8, Cork
Skolska Gallery, Prague
Pennsound, Pennsylvania University
60×60 Dance
Dragonfly Festival, Ekehagens Forntidsby, Sweden
Soundfjord, London
Esta Casa Esta Sonada, Maracaibo, Venezuela
NAIS Deep Wireless, Toronto
Soundcrawl, Nashville
Sound As Art – Lights Out, Edinburgh
Musiktrienniale, Cologne…